Salvage Centre

Recycled Timber

Old is old. You just can’t reproduce it. That is one big advantage we’ve got over every other product on the market.

Cam Loney

Owner of The Salvage Centre

We source our timber from old houses, factories and warehouses when they are about to be demolished. We hand-remove all the timber before the machines moves in.

Some of this wood is more than 100 years old, logged from Gippsland and the Otways.

The darker hardwood, which traditionally has been used for the floors get remilled in to new floorboards. But we also reclaim the softer types of timber which are used to construct the structural timber framing of the house that holds the floors, walls and ceilings.

Recycled timber is timber that has been rescued and now is reused for another purpose, whereas reclaimed timber is timber that is reused for its original purpose.